Anonymous: hey i just wanted to let you know you're pretty great. And i know there's some challenges in your life right now, but i also know you'll overcome them. Take care xx

thanks for caring… xx

I’m done with living too.
Anonymous: I can keep that promise. I know things get better. I've gotten better, all of my friends have gotten better. I know it seems like being happy again is impossible, but just hold on a little longer. Stay strong, I love you.

I feel like I know who you are. Come off anon? xx

Anonymous: Hey, I know it's hard but things do get better. Things were bad for me for about 4 years, but I held on and it was worth it. Things do get better, I promise.

don’t make promises you can’t keep

Anonymous: No. No don't. I swear on the earth and seas it gets fucking better.

Call me when it does xx

Anonymous: Don't kill yourself, I know it's hard and I know people will tell you it gets better and it's been bad for so long you wait for it to get better and then you think it never will . I've been in your shoes, and I am in your shoes, but you have to keep fighting I know it's hard it's really hard. But you don't understand how many people care about you. You might not think they do but they do. This will make you stronger for the future.

I’m starting to think it’ll never get better.

Anonymous: those who say your looking for attention clearly dont know what its like to feel empty and alone. just saying x

yeah I know xx

Anonymous: Please remember that even though you might not think so, theres people every where that care about you and want you to stay on this planet. Your unique and special in the best way possible. x

thank you xx

You will never understand.


my life is a joke and i’m not laughing anymore

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